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Spanish Classes


Every day there is a new opportunity to improve our children’s potentials and to strength their capabilities for learning and it is scientifically proven how children flourish on music.  In the other hand, there are many researchers that have seen the tight relationship between music and language function; some fascinating connections between musical skills and second language linguistic aptitudes have been found and the worth of it fit in the two areas in the routine of early childhood development . Along with all these beneficial aspects of practicing music and learning a foreign language, it is well known the importance of speaking more languages and how it brings significant opportunities in the future of our children and their success.


Spanish Musical has developed its lessons taking all these experiences into account, our classes are filled with many activities; singing and playing instruments along with movements and active games that are purposefully arranged to maximize the engagement of the children.  We have established a routine where the students are comfortable and can feel the easiness, encouraging their interest in the fixed structure along with all the joyful activities we introduce new vocabulary every month in a way that they do not realize they are learning; they believe it is just play-music time! How fun does that sound!!!


After moving to Canada I found myself in a need to keep my kids interested in our native language, therefore I created a routine to keep them interested in our native language by teaching it in a dynamic manner filled with activities that awaken their curiosity and interest, moments filled of joy using music for my purpose, I saw how singing, playing and fooling around they kept the vocabulary through the days and how their pronunciation was much better than just repeating and correcting them verbally. That is how Spanish Musical came to life, from my own daily experience.


After using this approach with my own family, I bring the opportunity to share this experience with dayhomes and preschools. I have planned all the singing, playing and activities for the best engagement of the children. The repetition of greetings/goodbyes and movement songs give them the feeling of comfort encouraging them to get involved when new vocabulary and activities are being introduced.


We believe in the power and joy of music, and how music is a vital piece during early childhood learning experience

We consider the earlier children are introduced to a language and musical activities, the further they will go.

We believe we will be giving valuable tools to the lives of children and that it will help to improve their potential opportunities.

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